Jon M Queen has been serving the Phoenix Environmental Products and Services and is currently working as the director of this association. He has been working for the social and environmental cause for the past few years and supports the theme of the United Nations. Jon M Queen DC has strictly advised the armies of various countries to take a deep look into the capital invested on military back-up and numerable weapons, which in turn harm the environment and lead to its degradation. Remarkable figures came into the limelight when surveys were conducted by UN climate control unit. It has been seen that the global warming is increasing at an alarming rate. Sudden changes in the climate have indeed aroused the interest of the world and countries have started thinking of alternative forms of energy.
According to the opinion of Jon M Queen, pollution is leading to other problems as well. It is leading to the problem of water scarcity, destroying the wildlife on land as well as water, fresh water and marine as well, the crop production is also suffering and the most massive form of destruction that has occurred in the recent past are the destructive storms as the Tsunamis and cyclones. The imbalance created in the nature will certainly lead to the destruction of mankind. Thus, Jon M Queen has been requesting the developed as well the developing nations to reduce their harmful emissions and make the least possible usage of fossil fuels that are on the verge of extinction. Jon is an economist with a concern for the globe. Working with numerous leading corporate organizations, was always associated with various environmental units who were supporting the cause for environment conservation.
Jon M Queen DC is known for creating awareness on the need for global conservation. Jon M Queen DC says that since the years 1981, countries have been experiencing a decrease in the crop production and this has happened due to the adverse climatic conditions, natural calamities have become prominent in the recent years leading to a loss of life and ruined the lives of millions in just one go.
If we continue to degrade the environment knowing that its we are on the verge of extinction, the time will come soon when we would not be able to save ourselves from destruction, thus we must become aware and search measures to safeguard the environment.

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